SEO and SMM Writing- content

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Article Writing.

SEOIf you want to be found online, then being close to the top spot in search engine results will guarantee more hits to your website.

Writers Ink are specialists in Search engine optimisation (SEO) articles, with a primary focus on keyword content. We have over 500 written and published SEO articles, and have a dedicated staff at your disposal to grow your website. All of our content goes through a high level of scrutiny before reaching your desk; we have two expert editors, who asses the productivity level and accuracy of all content, before the final draft is given to our clients.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) Content Writing.

SMMThere is no denying it, social media advertising is the modern equivalent of a highway billboard—and like a billboard—the more effort you put in to your advertising, the more it will be noticed.

Writers Ink understands the importance of a social presence. Our aim is to present a positive representation of your business, and your business goals.

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