Resumes, Grants and Sponsorship Proposals

Resumes and Cover Letters.


You have just applied for an important job, and you are nervous. You KNOW you would be great at the job, and you are sure you could do better than most of the other applicants – but does your resume convey this?

Here at writers Ink, we have helped many people win their dream job. Quite a few of these people had applied for multiple jobs with no success, but managed to land that all-important first interview with the help of their new winning cover letter and resume.

When you commission a resume or cover letter through us, we also include a free factsheet on how to master your interviews – with tips from a professional on communication, including body language and facial expressions.

Grant and Sponsorship Proposals.

Our team have written winning grant and sponsorship proposals for a variety of clients. This has allowed us to refine and perfect our grant application writing technique. As grant and tender writing specialists, we have a comprehensive understanding of what is required to attract the attention of grant assessors. No matter how big or small your intended target is, we have the expertise to write you a proposal that will stand out.

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